AMS/CS 691-02: Green IT and Smart Grid


This will be a research based course for graduate and senior undergraduate students who are interested in the energy consumption/sustainability of Information Technology (IT) and recent advances in smart grid. In particular, the course will discuss the applications of algorithm, optimization, and control in real systems to provide a rigorous and relevant foundations.


This course will be a combination of lectures and presentations from students. The grade will be based on class presentation (30%), paper summaries (30%), course projects (literature study and proposals, 30%), and class participation (10%). No exam or textbook required.


The course will cover the following topics (subject to change):


o   Green IT in the big data era

o   What do data centers look like

o   Speed scaling

o   Dynamic capacity provisioning

o   Geographical load balancing

o   Thermal issues

o   Energy in backbone networks

o   Smart grid overview

o   Economic dispatch, unit commitment, optimal power flow (OPF)

o   Demand response

o   Demand response programs

o   Data center demand response

o   EV & building demand response

o   Demand response program design

o   Course project presentation